What’s More Effective In Online Training? eLearning Vs. PowerPoint

What’s More Effective In Online Training? eLearning Vs. PowerPoint–Infographic

Does merely publishing PPTs to an online format using an authoring tool result in effective learning? No! Why not? What does eLearning offer that PowerPoint doesn't?

Here are certain fundamental differences between an eLearning course and an online PowerPoint presentation.

1. Follows Sound Instructional Design Principles

eLearning: eLearning courses are designed based on sound Instructional Design principles.

PowerPoint Presentation: A PowerPoint presentation published online may not follow ID principles as the instructor takes care of delivering the content effectively during classroom training.

2. Offer Non-Linear Navigation

eLearning: eLearning courses offer the flexibility of non-linear navigation

PowerPoint Presentation: In PowerPoint, slides are by default presented in a linear fashion where the learner moves from one slide to the next.

3. Enhances Learner Engagement

eLearning: An eLearning course takes care of engaging learners by making the training an interactive process.

PowerPoint Presentation: A PPT supports the instructor and is not meant to be used as a standalone medium of instruction.

4. Improves Learning Retention

eLearning: Each screen in an eLearning course takes care of displaying content in the right format. For example, what can be conveyed through a block of text can be effectively conveyed through animation or a video in the eLearning course.

PowerPoint Presentation: In PPTs published online, there is a higher chance of some slides being more text-heavy than others as it is not a very good idea to break up a single concept or a process into multiple slides.

5. Makes It Possible To Assess Learners

eLearning: An eLearning course includes an assessment that is linked to the performance-based learning objectives that are conveyed at the beginning of the eLearning course.

PowerPoint Presentation: PowerPoint presentations can include questions but an instructor is required to evaluate how much the learners have actually understood.

Via: https://blog.commlabindia.com/elearning-design/elearning-vs-powerpoint-online-training-infographic
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