6 Design Elements For An Effective eLearning Course

6 Design Elements For An Effective eLearning Course Infographic

Imagine an eLearning course that simply requires learners to ‘Click Next’ throughout the course. Learners go through one slide after another without actually being involved in the course content. Can this be termed effective eLearning? Certainly not!

For eLearning to be effective, the course needs to be based on robust instructional design principles. The design elements used in the course need to support and enhance the learning experience. For instance, if the learning objectives of your eLearning course do nothing to take care of the training needs of learners, then effective eLearning will remain elusive.

A simple, intuitive GUI contributes to effective eLearning by making it easier for viewers to navigate through the course as well as interact with the content. For example, if learners want to revisit a particular section of the course, the menu in the GUI should provide the flexibility for learners to directly access that section, instead of having to go through the entire content again.

Here’s an infographic that gives you information on 6 design elements that contribute to an effective eLearning course.

Via: https://blog.commlabindia.com/elearning-design/elearning-effective-design-elements-infographic
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