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Educational Equity and Out-of-School Learning Infographic

Educational Equity and Out-of-School Learning Infographic

Traditional education wasn’t designed for today’s connected world. Information, resources, and learning opportunities are everywhere; schools are just a piece of the larger learning landscape. Out-of-school learning simply means more opportunities for learning. Whether it’s after-school, summer, weekend, or online programs, they present a range of opportunities to parents and youth alike.

Roadblocks To Learning For All

Despite an ever-growing interest in out-of-school learning, two major roadblocks stand in the way of total youth participation: cost and access. Far too many children lack access to out-of-school programs that meet their needs and interests, especially in underprivileged communities.

There Should Be No Restrictions On a Better Future

Out-of-school programs allow kids to explore their personal interests and experiment beyond school time. Research shows those who participate in quality out-of-school learning programs see improvement in their academics, are more engaged in learning, and are more self-confident in what they can achieve. Out-of-school learning opportunities are hugely important in kids’ lives-more important than ever-and far too many youth don’t get to reap the benefits. Doing something about this is simply a question of will.

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