3 Fascinating Facts About How Edtech Will Affect The Education Sector Infographic

3 Fascinating Facts About How Edtech Will Affect The Education Sector Infographic

3 Fascinating Facts About How Edtech Will Affect The Education Sector Infographic

Educational technology is constantly evolving, as a natural consequence of the improvement going on in technologies that can be used. The digitalized world we live in has forever changed our way of learning, and with the technology, it is possible to improve individual's learning patterns in the way we have never seen before.

Edtech is moving fast forward and becoming an increasingly exciting field for both students and teachers alike. New educational technologies appear every day, and at the moment, it seems like there is an endless resource of ideas.

The Edtech world can seem quite fluffy at times, which why we turned to experts to figure out, what is actually in the future for Edtech. Edtech Denmark, a Danish organization connecting key players within education and technology, share their prediction of which three technologies will dominate 2018, and you can find them right here in the infographic.

1. Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning means that the provided training is adapted to the individual. The adaptation is done by using algorithms that adjust the teaching based on the student's navigation within the system. In this way, the system can keep track of the students' level and progress.

2. Learning Analytics

Students leave thousands of digital footsteps every day when interacting with technology. And these footprints can be used to find out, how the student learn, and their professional development. With learning analytics, it is possible to measure, collect, analyze, and report the data of students' learning and the context in which they learn.

3. AR/VR

The technological development behind Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is growing at the speed of light, and therefore the use in learning environments has also increased, making it two phenomena we will see a lot more of in the future of the education sector.

Via: https://www.finduddannelse.dk/artikler/tips-og-vejledninger/edtech-13362
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