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E-Learning in the Enterprise Infographic

The Top E-Learning in the Enterprise Survey Results

200 organizations participated at the 2013 E-Learning in the Enterprise Survey. 49.5% had less than 1000 employees, while 26.7% of the organizations were in the Business Services Industry.

  1. Significant users of eLearning are the Training and Development (84.2%).
  2. Major audiences of eLearning are Employees (87.2%), and Customers (43.1%).
  3. In 2014 the areas to use more eLearning will be Employee Orientation (48%) and Professionals Skills (45.5%).
  4. Major reasons to use eLearning are the ability to Reach a Broad Audience (37.6%) and the Costs Savings (21.8%).

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Via: elearningindustry.com

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