E-learning Goodies that Santa Got Infographic

Dear Santa

Written on December 20, 2013 at 4:16 pm , by TLTTeam

So, Santa, you already know that the world is moving towards learning technology. You also know that excellent teachers are very essential to make learning great. And when technology holds hands with learning, awesome e-learning develops down the road.

Thanks so much for the great gifts you gave last year. The easy e-learning platform, E-three was real neat and the new LMS was just awesome. Anyway, this year has been a real roller coaster with the fluctuating world economy, so please bring some nice new goodies.

You see Santa, after several years of playing with all the nice computer toys you brought us, we were bound to a certain geographical area or you can call it the learning stereotype. Oh, but there are many learners who still want more tech stuff just like the one’s mentioned in the infographic below!

I’m sure you know what great e-learning is, but just in case your elves need a little training, here are some characteristics of truly awesome e-learning platform.

P.S: You can turn this into a checklist for this Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

Via: http://www.timelesslearntech.com/images/tlt-xmas-infographic.jpg?utm_source=elearninginfographic&utm_medium=pagepost&utm_campaign=christmascampaign%20
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