Tips To Develop A Successful eLearning Course

Tips To Develop A Successful eLearning Course—Infographic

As a very popular way of learning via the internet lately, eLearning has certainly made its name heard in the educational field. Today, there are millions of courses that exist, but not every one of them is a success. So, what do you need to develop a successful eLearning course? If you are wondering, here are the main elements that will help you develop your own effective course. To be more simple, think of it as cooking a full course meal that you’re preparing for your favorite guests. You’ll need to pay attention to these 4 key factors.

1. High-quality content: the foundation of an effective course
2. Good design: a successful eLearning course’s must-have outfit
3. Wise structure for a well-organized eLearning course
4. Meaningful interaction: the glue of a successful eLearning course

How should you design your eLearning course? DIY or hire an Instructional Designer?

Do it yourself if:

  • Your course is easy to understand
  • You don't need an impressive course design
  • You don't have a huge budget
  • You are familiar with the software

Hire an Instructional Designer if:

  • You find it difficult to DIY
  • Your priority is having a professional content design
  • You define your course as having "premium quality"
  • You aim at building brand
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