Designing a Game Based Curriculum in Minecraft Infographic

Designing a Game Based Curriculum in Minecraft Infographic

Designing a Game Based Curriculum in Minecraft Infographic

One of the most challenging aspects for any new Minecraft teacher will of course be learning to design their lessons in a way that captivates their students, develops skills, and harnesses the full power of a game that their students are likely already experts in. The Designing a Game Based Curriculum in Minecraft Infographic will help you maximize the success of your Educational Minecraft lessons.

1. Play the Game

Minecraft is a unique game filled with so many options and opportunities, but it’s fun lies in it’s base simplicity. It’s easy enough to get a handle on the controls, but there are also so many more advanced elements to it that you will never stop learning. In order to get the most from it’s application we recommend you play it, test it, and tame it. Don’t worry you don’t have to be an expert.

2. Who? What? Why?

Before beginning to design your curriculum around Minecraft, you need to fully understand what it is you’re trying to achieve with the game. Start by asking these 3 Key questions of yourself and your class:

  • What do I hope to achieve with my Minecraft lesson?
  • What do My Students enjoy in Minecraft?
  • Why am I using Minecraft?

3. Collaborate

Minecraft’s potential lies deeply in the tiered design, it’s beginning simplicity and it’s end complexity. Therefore the only way to keep learning is to either have the time to play it consistently and test it’s limits, or to collaborate with others. There are many experts out there who are more than happy to help. And even more there are plenty of educators just like you who are interested in collaborating to get amazing results.

4. Plan it all out!

As an educator you can make the difference between a game spliced into the classroom or a game built for the classroom by design. Put in unique Characters with mods, plan out a build that is authentic and inspiring, plan to have assessment points either given by the characters or by yourself, and above all we encourage you to keep it fun.

5. Make it FUN!

Minecraft is a game, and students recognize it as a game. What it isn’t is graph paper. If the fun element is lost then the game itself could lose it growing appeal. Even the simplest game-based elements can have exceptional results in engagement. Try incorporating rewards and achievements, quests and NPCs (Non-Player Characters), or other Mini-games to the lesson.

6. Assessment is Key

Here’s a few tips as to how you can use in game assessment.

  • In Game XP (Experience)
  • Collected Items
  • Quest Completion
  • Reflection Journals
  • Skills Building
  • Redstone
  • Command Blocks and Computer Craft

Learning Never Stops! Now it’s time to look back at your work and refine the process, expand into new frontiers or improve in areas that you want to refocus on. Ask the same questions again and improve it for your next class. Happy Minecrafting!

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