7 Design Trends That Are Here To Stay In 2018 And Beyond Infographic

7 Design Trends That Are Here To Stay In 2018 And Beyond Infographic

7 Design Trends That Are Here To Stay In 2018 And Beyond Infographic

1. Flat Design

It’s a style of interface designing, with minimal use of shadows, textures, gradients, or any other element that give a three-dimensional look. Its potential popularity was observed when it was first used by Microsoft. In addition to being an appealing and convincing form of design, flat design is also very easy to design a responsive interface. The use of minimal elements reduce the loading time of the websites and also adapt to varying sizes while looking of perfect pixels on HD screens. This user-centric design form is here to stay for its explicit features like simplicity, clean edges, bright colors, breathing space, and flat/2D illustrations. The most amazing thing about flat design is it changes every year but still remains the same. Well, this web design form clearly shows no sign of fading away!

2. Background

There is a significant increase in the use of video backgrounds in web design. It is very crucial while choosing a video background that the users are not distracted and stay with the copy, theme and notice all other features on the screen. Even when the video in the background increases the loading time of the website, it is highly used by designers, worldwide. Advanced technology facilitates simple and high definition video making, which can be beautifully merged in the website. History knows, a video is one of the best ways to convey stories. It’s an excellent way to explain a product, brand, service or any concept. Fashion websites, service industry, portfolio websites and promotional campaigns are perfect for the use of such fullscreen background. The trend is spreading like a fire that cannot be blown out!

3. Correct Typography

Typography has always been in trend. A bad typography can make the whole design look bad. New typefaces are released every now and then, designers are highly obsessed with them and it becomes difficult to find a balance, which is extremely important. Sticking to sound typographic principles is going to be a challenge, but wide and correct font use is crucial. It will be interesting to see a mix of various fonts in the coming years since designers have already chosen to be vivid.

4. Responsive Design

All of us have different gadgets that we use to browse the internet, in fact, each one in your house, use a different sized machine. A number of gadgets are being launched and are gaining popularity rapidly. In this run, it is very important to keep up with the technological pace. Every website must have to be responsive to different sizes of screen displays. To convey the correct message and glue the visitor, a seamless flow must be established. UI and UX are two indispensable elements that determine the value of your website, craft them with care and use the POV of a visitor. Imagine if you were viewing a website on your mobile phone and the header images are cut from the edges and so is the copy, will you like to view it again? That’s the question! Hence, web designers and developers have become smart and are developing responsive websites, and that will stay.

5. Minimalism

No, minimalistic ain’t no boring bro, it’s just cutting the crap out. In simple words, minimalism overlooks the non-functional elements of the design and keeps the design simple and uncomplexed for everyone to understand in a blink, and yeah, so it’s trendin’! As you know, UX has to be easy to use and uncomplicated, the UX and conversion rate experts insist on keeping the design to essentials only. The rise of flat illustrations and responsive web design has pulled the popularity ground up for minimalism too. Since the World Wide Web is getting more complicated; the designs are getting cleaner and are much more attractive and will prevail.

6. Storytelling

As a child, we’ve all grown up listening to Grandma’s stories! Everybody loves stories, your website visitors too! A design must convey a message to be successful. It will carry no meaning in just creating something that has no concept, idea or story behind it. Think of what do you want to tell people, we’ll tell you a secret, “make them curious”. Curiosity will make the design worthwhile. Don’t you think it’s a viral design tip for the year? So do we!

7. Color Theory

A perfect blend of contrast colors was a forever idea. But lately, the use of bright color palate has taken a flight. It doesn’t look too tacky or prominent, rather the right contrast makes the design highlights stand out. Brand Village and Greyp Bikes are good examples of bright colors used perfectly. So just unorthodox yourself and be open to using colors. You can read our blog about what each color resonates here: Heat what tale the colors tell to understand what message does every color conveys. This new trending tip is widely admired and is being used by many designers to make their design stand out from the crowd. If you are thinking of a redesign, this is a must use trend.

Via: http://www.infinistaconcepts.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/7_design_trends1.jpg
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