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How to Design Outstanding eLearning Storyboards Infographic

How to Design Outstanding eLearning Storyboards Infographic

Developing an eLearning storyboard is one thing, but turning it into a practical guide for anyone involved in the eLearning project is of utmost importance. The How to Design Outstanding eLearning Storyboards Infographic presents tips & tricks you can use to design great eLearning storyboards.

  1. Be aware of the project management approach employed for the eLearning project.
  2. Start with the core activities per learning objective; then enrich.
  3. Get the client’s approval for the core version of the eLearning Storyboard before entering into details.
  4. Design bite-sized activities.
  5. Describe ALL eLearning interactions in detail; including per branch.
  6. DO NOT include information about authoring tools to be used to create the eLearning activities.
  7. Revise, Revise, Revise.

In practice, it is not uncommon, many eLearning professionals to skip the storyboard phase, as developing a successful eLearning storyboard is really a time-consuming task. However, the more complicated the eLearning project and the largest the eLearning team, the greatest the necessity for an eLearning storyboard.

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