Deeper Learning Infographic

Last summer schools had the opportunity to nominate themselves or others for consideration as a Deeper Learning School. The call was answered! School leaders filled out detailed questionnaires and the Getting Smart team conducted in depth interviews to gather additional information from dozens of schools who exhibited strong alignment with the Hewlett Foundation’s Deeper Learning competencies.

In the end, twenty schools were selected to represent everything from rural to urban schools, from district to charter schools, but all boiling down to schools that debunked common myths about Deeper Learning. While the schools may look different from the outside, they most definitely share a common purpose—to give ALL students the opportunity to learn in a Deeper Learning environment. These schools create environments and experiences by virtue of which students master core academic content, think critically and solve complex problems, work collaboratively and communicate effectively, develop academic mindsets and graduate as confident self-directed learners.

The Deeper Learning Infographic explains what Deeeper Learning is and presents Deeeper Learning strategies and competences.

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