Differences Between Data Scientists And Data Analysts Infographic

Differences Between Data Scientist And Data Analyst Infographic

Differences Between Data Scientists And Data Analysts Infographic

A Data Scientist should have stronger data visualization skills and business acumen so that he can quickly convert data insights into a successful business story while a Data Analyst is responsible to convert data into meaningful business insights only. They are not expected to possess data visualization skills and business acumen.

The Data Scientist is responsible to collect data from multiple disconnected sources while the Data Analyst collects data from a single source only i.e. CRM system.

This is the responsibility of a Data Scientist; to formulate questions that can help business positively while the job of a Data Analyst is to work on pre-defined questions as suggested by the Data Scientist.

A Data scientist is expected to have hands-on experience in machine learning and statistical modeling while data analyst is not expected to have those skills. At the same time, basic knowledge of Mathematics and Statistical modeling could have an extra advantage for Data Analysts.

Via: https://www.janbasktraining.com/blog/difference-data-scientist-data-analyst/
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