6 Tips To Cut Down On eLearning Translation Costs

6 Tips To Cut Down On eLearning Translation Costs—Infographic

eLearning translation ensures effective knowledge transfer to global employees. Translating online training into native languages boosts the impact of learning.

1.  Keep The Source Course Culture-Neutral

Neutralize the slang, symbols, colors, currency, and other elements in the content so that nobody is offended.

2. Use Universal Visuals

It's better to use culturally neutral colors.

3. Reserve Space For Text Expansions

Provide 40% empty space in the source course to accommodate the expanded text in translated languages.

4. Keep The Content Simple

Confine your source text to simple words written in international English. Avoid lengthy paragraphs with redundant and unclear words.

5. Include Audio And Videos Cautiously

Replace audio with onscreen content and interactivities and embed self-explanatory videos without too much text.

6. Avoid Content On Images

If text (such as labels) is part of an image, separate the text from the image.

Via: https://blog.commlabindia.com/elearning-translations/tips-to-cut-elearning-translation-cost-infographic
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