Custom eLearning Ranked #1 For Compliance Training Infographic

Custom eLearning Ranked #1 For Compliance Training Infographic

Custom eLearning For Compliance Training Infographic

The need for compliance training is ever-present and growing. Top companies, however, are no longer offering compliance training solely to satisfy their legal obligations. Instead, they strive for high quality, effective training as well. How are they doing this?

According to recent research by Brandon Hall Group, more and more companies choose custom eLearning to present this training to their employees in an engaging, meaningful way.

The report states custom eLearning is the clear choice due to two major factors, delivery method and effectiveness. Results show 44.8% of companies use custom-developed eLearning to deliver compliance training, with 68.4% of them stating that their eLearning solutions are extremely effective.

The pursuit of better compliance training through custom eLearning allows compliance teams to meet their desired outcomes and ensure employees' compliance knowledge in an engaging, informative way.

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