How To Create A Series Of Educational Animation On A Budget

How To Create A Series Of Educational Animation On A Budget

How To Create A Series Of Educational Animation On A Budget—Infographic

Here are 6 tips to make a series of educational animation on a tight budget.

1. Identify Your Purpose

Use animation to simplify concepts using visual aid and make the lesson eye-catching and engaging. Don't waste time and money animating decorative, distracting videos.

2. Don't Animate The Whole Course

Let animated videos be part of a lecture or presentation. Animations are great for explaining processes that are either too small or big or happen too slowly or quickly to be observed normally.

3. Create Short Videos

Present only the main points and add more videos when you have more time to spend. The ideal video length is 3-5 minutes.

4. Pick An Affordable Style

  • Motion graphics
    Using vectors to decrease the number of hand-drawn frames.
  • Whiteboard animations
    Simply draw on a whiteboard and record.

Tip: Avoid 3D animation and hand-drawn 2D animation.

5. Do The Voice-Over By Yourself

Don't bother hiring a voice artist, the students are familiar with your voice.

6. Consider: Animation Tools Or Animation Partner?

For simple, dialogue-based animations, use animation tools. For more complex illustrations, find a partner and outsource. Small animation studios in developing countries offer budget-friendly services and freelance artists also provide an affordable option. So help them to help you! Provide content stories, scripts, and ideas, too.

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