7 Tips To Create Effective Visual Communication In eLearning

7 Tips To Create Effective Visual Communication In eLearning—Infographic

1. Take Time To Select Images

  • Ponder over specific visuals for your training slides.
  • Make sure to answer some questions, such as: Would you like your students to take some action? Or would you like to evoke a positive emotion in them?
  • Choose images that help to clarify your training content.
  • Makes photos and graphics more provoking and engaging at the same time.
  • Follow the Hick's Law rules to mix the images with text suitability

2. Focus On Colors And Fonts

  • Pick colors and fonts which evoke positive emotions within each learner.
  • Choose elegant fonts to deliver a more relaxing and sophisticated feeling.
  • Pay attention to your brand image.

3. Follow The Familiarity

  • Use some familiar icons for your teaching materials.
  • Generate the familiar language, symbols, and references.
  • Apply visual metaphors to hit hard in their senses.

4. Value The Visual Hierarchy

  • Put visual communication at the top of the screen.
  • Add more borders and use a striking font to make it more different.
  • Arrange everything—important information on the left.
  • Balance with an engaging image on the right.

5. Add Variety To Visual Communication

  • Add a variety of visual communication because it's the spice of life.
  • Keep learners guessing about what you're going to show next.
  • Share other shocking statistics with your infographics.
  • Go for the animated photos, GIFs, or animated videos when it's possible

6. Make Responsive Visuals

  • Αdd a responsive training element.
  • Don't bother using various tools to render those images.
  • Ensure that the photos look flawless on many other devices.
  • Use interactive media to explain the process more interestingly.

7. Select Appropriate Animation Styles

  • Keep the video no longer than five minutes.
  • Break down the materials into little pieces.
  • Focus on key points.
  • Get the right animation style for your training.

Other Tips

  • Use some creative points of view that expose the unknown.
  • Add behind-the-scenes visual communication.
  • To evoke powerful emotion, utilize sensory images to hit the learners' senses.
Via: https://www.flearningstudio.com/effective-visual-communication-in-elearning/
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