3 Areas Where Corporate Training Can Tackle Negative Performance

3 Areas Where Corporate Training Can Tackle Negative Performance—Infographic

Negative performance or poor performance in the workplace arises when the performance expected from employees does not match their actual performance. Training can offer a solution to some of the factors contributing to negative performance.

1. Lack Of Knowledge

Training can tackle lack of knowledge when:

  • The employee is new
  • The product, process, or service is new
  • There is a change in product or process

In certain training programs, such as employee onboarding, eLearning can be combined with classroom sessions for effective training.

2. Lack Of Skills

A skill-gap analysis can help you assess the current and expected skill levels of employees. Training to close the skills gap is required when employees:

  • Lack the skills to perform their job
  • Have the skills but have forgotten them

On-the-job training can take care of addressing a lack of skills while microlearning can be used in the reinforcement of training and to fight the forgetting curve.

3. Problems With Attitude

Training can tackle problems with attitude partially.

Training can be used to:

  • Impart behavioral training which in turn can bring a positive change in attitude
  • Reinforce behavior constantly

Microlearning and short eLearning modules can be used to build a positive attitude in employees.

Rule Of Thumb To Follow

Do not try to solve every performance problem through training!

Via: https://blog.commlabindia.com/elearning-design/training-tackle-negative-performance-infographic
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