Commonly Overlooked Back-to-School Expenses Infographic

Commonly Overlooked Back-to-School Expenses Infographic

Commonly Overlooked Back-to-School Expenses Infographic

In fall 2014, about 49.8 million students attended public elementary and secondary schools, according to the Institute of Education Science. That is a lot of new notebooks, crayons and backpacks to be purchased.

Every parent wants to properly prepare for the school year and provide all necessary materials for their children to perform well in the classroom.

Stock Up

If the lost-and-found pile at a school is an indicator of how forgetful students can be, you'll want to stock up on extra supplies. Consider doing this during the back-to-school sales for lower prices and a greater selection. When the winter months hit, buy a couple extra pairs of gloves and mittens. Everyone is apt to misplace a hat, but be prepared by purchasing extras when at the store! Also remember to properly stock your home with proper supplies. Kids will take any excuse, like no printer ink, to not complete their homework.

Consider Coupons

Before your big trip to the store, be sure to check the Sunday newspaper for coupons and ads. Compare the ads for the best deals to decide what store to shop at. Many retailers offer exclusive coupons, so be sure to check their website for different deals!

Plan Ahead

As the school year goes progresses, different expenses arise. Before the school year starts, consider writing a list of the possible expenses such as field trips, extracurricular fees, or holiday parties. Money management with your personal finances will help ensure you have the funds to keep your kids learning and growing.

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