How Colors Affect Office Productivity Infographic

How Colors Affect Office Productivity Infographic

How Colors Affect Office Productivity Infographic

Every business owner, manager, or executive is always looking for productive results from their employees. Painting and decorating the office in certain colors has been proven to improve productivity. However, just one color may not do the trick. The color that improves productivity depends on the type of work each person does and while certain colors universally increase productivity, each person’s unique personality causes them to interpret colors differently. The level of intensity of each color also affects productivity.

Therefore, your office can increase productivity overall by first choosing the right combination of colors to paint and design with and each person can benefit in the productivity corner by making their desk top the color that most inspires their individual productivity and efficiency levels.


Blue is universally known as an excellent color for productivity. It also instills trust and loyalty. It is also a stable and calming color that helps workers focus on the task at hand. Some experts recommend adding in bits of orange elements to help invoke emotion too. Blue is a good color to paint the entire office and then use other colors as accents or desks for those individuals that match each color.


Green is a good color for people who work long hours. It does not cause eye fatigue and helps you remain calm and efficient at the same time.


Yellow is known as an optimistic color and can help improve productivity; however the amount of yellow and intensity of the shade should be minimized so as not to cause eye fatigue or anger. Yellow helps stimulate creativity, so designers and people who need to be creative for their job should have color integrated into their work space.


If your job or task involves physical activity, then red is your productivity color. Red is a color that invokes emotion and passion. Therefore, red does not instill productivity in everyone. The color red has been shown to increase the heart rate and increase blood flow. If there is something in the office that you want to attract attention, paint it red.

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