The College Plagiarism Infographic

The College Plagiarism Infographic

The Reality And Solution Of College Plagiarism Infographic

The health informatics program at the University of Illinois at Chicago presents the infographic on college plagiarism.

There are many different types of plagiarism: submitting someone else’s work, re-writing someone else’s work without citing it, not citing quotes or sources, using other students’ work, inaccurate or non-existent citations, and only using sources without original work.

What leads students to plagiarize?

They don’t know how to use citations, don’t know how to research, don’t understand what plagiarism is, teachers don’t enforce a ‘no plagiarism policy’, or students just don’t understand the goals of education. Plagiarism causes many problems including students failing their educational goals, students learning inaccurate information, students facing legal and academic repercussions, and it causes students to be unprepared for jobs. Educators can play a huge part in preventing plagiarism by enforcing policies and teaching students the proper way to cite sources.

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