Cloud & AWS Skill & Salary Reports - Year-Wise

Cloud & AWS Skill & Salary Reports - Year-Wise Infographic

These are the top reasons why you should complete your cloud computing certification which comes with multiple benefits like more salary, future growth, and most important Job security.

You Should Know the History of Cloud Computing

Back in time if a single user wants to access any particular files or wants to run a program, the user needs to connect to the server with proper access. Then time goes by and users are networked together and share the files or information on a demand basis by using distributed computing and it gives rise to cloud computing idea.

In 1961 at MIT John MacCharty shared an idea of cloud computing and its potential to become a commodity, just like electricity. Certainly, it was a good idea but it was too ahead of time and because of that next few decade’s this technology was not developed but passing time with the increase in interest urge the need of cloud computing.

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