Classroom Training And eLearning: Why Blending Them Is The Right Choice

Classroom Training and eLearning – Why Blending them is the Right Choice

Classroom Training And eLearning: Why Blending Them Is The Right Choice—Infographic

Classroom training and eLearning each have their own strengths and limitations.

Classroom Training

  • Availability of Subject Matter Experts and coaches to adapt to participant needs and questions
  • Live group interaction, collaboration, demonstration, role-modeling, and mentoring
  • Greater capacity for hands-on experiences with physical devices and equipment
  • Addresses topics and issues that are outside of the packaged course material
  • Face-to-face sharing of experiences and social interaction
  • Dedicated time in a controlled environment, away from other work demands
  • Closer simulation of actual work performance, particularly people-based interactions
  • Building personal relationships, networking, and breaking down silos
  • Easy to modify and adapt instructional strategies (activities and interactions)


  • Self-directed, learners can proceed at their own pace
  • Convenient and flexible, available on-demand (24/7/365) even in remote locations
  • Scalable—simultaneous, audience and/or enterprise-wide rollouts possible
  • High individual learning accountability
  • Consistency in the format and delivery of content
  • Easy to update and disseminate content
  • Reduced time away from work and cost of logistics
  • Easy-to-manage administration and analytics
  • Ideal for a multi-cultural and multi-lingual context

Why Blend?

Considering that both classroom training and eLearning have their strengths and limitations, what would be a better strategy than blending these two modes of delivery?

Yes! This is exactly what blended learning is all about. Here are the various ways you can incorporate blended learning into your organization:

  1.  Prepare your employees before classroom training using eLearning courses to kindle their desire to learn more.
  2. Assess your employees after classroom training using online assessments to reinforce what had been learned.
  3. Add more depth to your classroom training by incorporating microlearning nuggets during sessions.
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