How to Choose the Right LMS for Your Organisation Infographic

How to Choose the Right LMS for Your Organisation Infographic

How to Choose the Right LMS for Your Organisation Infographic

A Learning Management System is a software application that allows businesses and other organizations to administer, distribute, track and report on educational materials. An LMS is also utilized by colleges, universities and schools in order to supplement classroom learning as well as distribute coursework that is available exclusively online. This infographic is a detailed guide by Coggno on how to choose the right LMS for your organisation.

1. Which type of business do you have?

The beauty of an LMS is that it allows all types of businesses to conduct in-house training with a wide variety of courses created to suit many different needs like manufacturing, packaging or IT services.

2. How many employees?

An LMS can work for any size of organisation; Your Company can have five employees or 5,000 employees

3. What are your biggest issues with employees?

Companies can embrace an LMS and online training to administer different courses to employees in various departments at the same time. For example, warehouse employees can be given safety training courses at the same time office employees are upgrading their skills on the latest version of Microsoft Office.

4. How LMS can save money/time?

Employees no longer have to travel and sacrifice productivity in order to get the necessary training their jobs require. Moreover, there will no longer be a need to hire expensive consultants to lecture employees about things they can easily learn through online coursework.

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