Future Scope Career Growth Of Artificial Intelligence

Future Scope Career Growth Of Artificial Intelligence Infographic

The science or engineering of making intelligent machines especially with the help of intelligent computer programs. Intelligence is a different topic that makes you superior to the crowd. It creates the ability to understand the most complex problems quickly and apply the knowledge as well. Also, it could improve the skills that play a vital role in personality development and evolution.

The AI and machine learning practices can be seen everywhere in the area of computer science. It gives you an idea of the possible number of ways how can design a computer system. It is made to perform the cognitive functions as described by the humans.

Know Everything About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the technology used to make machines work like real human beings.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

  • Reduce the errors
  • Increases the chances of achieving accuracy
  • Get maximum level of precision 
  • Adds jobs
  • Increases automation
  • Absolves humans from responsibility

Risks Associated with AI

  • Can cause unintended consequences
  • Loss of control
  • Very costly

Learn About the Applications of AI

  • It can act as a virtual assistant and assist you with many small jobs of the day to day life.
  • It is the foundation of every video game.
  • SIRI is also using AI to understand various natural language questions and requests.
  • Tesla is using AI to transform the automobile world.

Career Path You Need To Follow

  • First and foremost you need a bachelor's degree in any field associated with Computer Science
  • Secondly, you also need to have a good knowledge of mathematics, statistics, applied physics, engineering, and robotics.
  • Thirdly, you need to get yourself trained in AI by enrolling for an AI specific course.
  • Fourthly you need to apply for a certification exam.
  • Fifthly you need to take the exam and pass it with the minimum required marks at least.

Once you are done with all of this start applying for the job posts that require AI professionals. this does not end here because you ill have to keep upgrading yourself to remain in the field.

Future Scope of AI

The job market experts have predicted that AI technology has the potential to create around 2.3 million jobs by the time we land in the year 2020.

Via: https://www.janbasktraining.com/blog/artificial-intelligence-learning-path/
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