BYOD & HTML5 For K–12 Infographic

BYOD & HTML5 For K–12 Infographic

BYOD & HTML5 For K–12 Infographic

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programs extend the flexibility and reach of students, staff and administrators to learn and work from anywhere on all types of devices. The BYOD & HTML5 For K–12 Infographic highlights why BYOD and HTML5 are perfect together for K-12 organizations.

A Game Changer!

Combining BYOD with HTML5 browser-based technology allows users to access Windows applications as well as physical and virtual desktops from any device (iPads, Chromebooks, PC and smartphones, etc.) without installing anything on the device itself.

  • BYOD and HTML5 access changes the way K-12 schools teach while providing new opportunities to learn.
  • Transparent to users - HTML5 technology is supported by all major web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

What could be simpler for students, teachers and parents, as well as the IT staff and helpdesks that support them?

Great for Teachers

HTML5-based remote access solutions deliver optimal learning experiences that cut across technological and socio-economic barriers. Teachers can easily access learning environments and applications from home and other remote locations - all from within a standard web browser.
Helping Parents Get “In The Know”

HTML5 technology gives parents 24/7 access to their children‘s curriculum and academic progress, wherever they are and from any device. For increased parent participation, HTML5-based access improves engagement by enabling universal, device-agnostic remote access to school lT resources, including hosted Windows desktops and applications.

Empowered Students

HTML5-based remote access bridges the gap between school and home, connecting students to information, teachers and to their peers, from any place and on any device. Browser-based access democratizes learning environments by working on an array of cost-effective laptops and mobile devices. Whatever device they're working from, students can stay connected both inside and beyond the classroom.

An Ideal World for IT Staff

Technical support is always a challenge for school IT staff. With clientless, HTML5-based remote access, schools can extend the life of existing IT assets, such as desktops and Windows applications, and eliminate the need for endpoint configuration and maintenance. HTML5 technology also offers a great degree of lT control and data security, providing the capability to centralize resources and make them remotely accessible from any device via standard browsers.

Even with reduced budgets, K-12 schools can find creative ways to stretch their IT investment to deliver 1-to-1 computing initiatives to every student, without compromising quality of education.

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