Bringing Our Schools into the 21st Century Infographic

Bringing Our Schools into the 21st Century Infographic

Bringing Our Schools into the 21st Century Infographic

With so many advances in technology, the landscape of education is forever changing for the better. The Bringing Our Schools into the 21st Century Infographic shows how the future can be bright for both educators and students by incorporating advanced technologies and techniques.

High-Speed Connectivity
  • Less than 30% of schools are set up with the needed broadband connectivity for the use of many Internet educational tools.
  • President Obama has secured $750 million in pledges from technology companies to bring schools into the 21st century.
  • Sprint and AT&T will be offering free internet service through wireless networks.
  • The goal is to provide 21st century technology to disadvantaged schools and access to higher education to lower-income students.
The Cloud

Digital media in the cloud will allow for:

  • Sharing knowledge
  • Building strong learning communities
  • Enhancing communication
  • Developing a professional educational culture

By 2020 students will be able to shore, learn and network with others at home and in the classroom using multiple devices. Both educators and students can use the cloud to build rich global learning communities online. The cloud can create an opportunity for personalized learning.

Digital Portfolios

Students will be using digital portfolios that can be accessed via various devices. By 2020, there will be an increased reliance on digital portfolios. Digital portfolios will be used as platforms for collaboration with members of learning communities. Digital portfolios will be used to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge
  • Apply for college
  • Apply for job positions
Game-Based Learning

With the challenge of developing students' math, science and engineering skills, game-based learning is gearing up as a staple educational tool. Game design instructors focus on student engagement and assist students in solving real world prooblems. It can help students develop problem-solving skills and confidence to apply for college or pursue career opportunities. By 2020, more students will be using game based learning programs to braden knowledge, skills and creative thinking.

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