Big Data Is The Biggest Opportunity

Big Data Is The Biggest Opportunity - Infographic

The skyrocketing fame of big data certifications is justified in today’s data-obsessed world. With businesses going bonkers over the benefits of gigantic bulks of data, the market for certifications in Big Data is ballooning at a lightning-quick pace. It is indeed, a golden era for phenomenal Big Data experts. Employing Big Data is the most ‘in thing’ in the world of commerce where every single company is manipulating Big Data tools to add value to their business. That being the case, it is highly recommended for professionals to earn educative big data certifications in the pursuance of the key to the doors of the lucrative big data sphere.

Big Data Is The Biggest Opportunity - Picture this:

  1. More than 90% of all the data in the world was created in the past 18 months.
  2. You will take 15 years to watch every video uploaded by users on YouTube in one day.
  3. If data created in a day is stacked in DVDs then the row will go up to the moon-twice.
  4. The number of Bits of information exceeds the number of stars in the universe.
  5. The number of devices connected to the Internet will rise from about 13 billion today to 50 billion by 2020. 
  6. Companies use less than 10% of the data they own, and less than 1% of the data they have access to.
  7. The global market for big data technology and services will be $77.58 billion by 2023.
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