Benefits of Mobile Learning to Companies Infographic

Benefits of Mobile Learning to Companies Infographic

Benefits of Mobile Learning to Companies Infographic

A typical response from employees when faced with training requirements is often, “I don’t have time for this.” In today’s fast-paced business environment, you really need to offer ultimate flexibility. Making learning available on mobile devices is a great selling point and your Learning Marketing Strategy should include a plan for moving toward Mobile Learning. Mobile Learning means that it no longer needs to disrupt a busy employee’s workday; instead, training can be completed on the commute home, over a lunchtime coffee, or between work tasks in a more relaxed location.

According to the Benefits of Mobile Learning to Companies Infographic, from a corporate point of view, the observed benefits and trends in Mobile Learning are:

  • 45% savings in time spent on average in training, with no loss of comprehension
  • 54% more chance of best-in-class companies using Mobile Learning, compared to other companies
  • 33% greater revenue per employee realized by Mobile Learning

A study to understand the interaction among people online found the device-usage pattern for interaction as:

  • 14% of people were using only a desktop.
  • 27% of people were using only a smartphone.
  • 57% of people were using multiple devices to interact.
  • 80% of people were using a smartphone (with/without any other device).

Also, a study to understand patterns of electronic device usage found that:

  • 46% people view their devices before going to sleep.
  • 52% people view their devices after waking up.

So, are you ready to move toward Mobile Learning? PulseLearning can assist in creating learner-centered solutions, current with today’s technological trends, to engage and delight your learners. PulseLearning is an award-winning global learning provider experienced in developing engaging and innovative eLearning and blended learning solutions.

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