4 Benefits of Collaborative Learning to Employers and Employees Infographic

4 Benefits of Collaborative Learning to Employers and Employees Infographic

4 Benefits of Collaborative Learning to Employers and Employees Infographic

Technological advances make collaborative learning across global workforces much more achievable. Cloud-based tools ensure ease of file sharing and cross-team working, with online forums and Communities of Practice allowing engagement and knowledge sharing in a virtual space, be it in an informal or formal sense. This infographic presents 4 benefits to the employer and to the employee of creating a collaborative learning workplace environment.

Advantages to the Employee

  • Employees benefit directly through knowledge sharing and a subsequent increase in skills.
  • Collaborative working facilitates brainstorming and offers employees the potential to innovate faster.
  • Introverts who may have struggled previously to engage in discussion, are more likely to do so via collaborative learning techniques in smaller groups.
  • Collaborative learning activities encourage creative thinking skills in a workforce with learners having to think, articulate and receive clarity on their competencies.

Advantages to the Company

  • Shared learning can help facilitate cross-team working and allow for transference of skills, building a more knowledgeable and ultimately efficient workforce.
  • The Next Generation Workforce (NGW) wish to work in a collaborative organisation so applying this learning style will showcase the company as a forward thinking workplace.
  • Building an engaging workforce in this way can increase employee retention and job satisfaction.
  • This technique allows employees to foster relationships across remote offices, identifying champions of learning in certain areas and allowing for ease of rewarding.

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Via: http://ecomscotland.com/news/posts/2016/may/10/collaborative-learning-workplace.aspx
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