7 Benefits Of Automated LMS Update And Upgrade Testing

7 Benefits Of Automated LMS Update And Upgrade Testing

Testing your cloud learning applications is crucial to making sure they are working well. It is a priority whenever you upgrade or have a software update. This ensures that all the changes are working well without impacting existing business processes or configurations.

Manual testing is labor-intensive and expensive. Fortunately, cognitive computing can make it much easier and less costly. You can make your testing process consistent and accurate by automating it. Moreover, you will have confidence that your software application is bug-free.

Here are some of the key benefits of LMS automated testing:

1. Save Your Time And Costs

Avoid designing and writing scripts for each use case by adapting standard scripts to your configurations and business processes. This reduces your project time and costs.

2. Quick Reporting

You can run many tests unattended overnight and receive instant accurate reports. You can reduce administrative overhead and gain confidence.

3. End-To-End Documentation

Documentation gives your auditors clarity and thorough understanding, ensures every step is consistent, and prepares you to answer questions from your stakeholders.

4. Ensures Quality And Accuracy

Make your repetitive manual tasks bug-free and achieve accuracy with end-to-end process testing. This also enables you to focus on critical test management tasks.

5. Automated Integration Testing

With predefined business rules, automation helps you test every configuration, business process, or integration. You can maintain data quality and enjoy the confidence of knowing all rules are operating to your defined standards.

6. Re-Usability Of Test Scripts

You can save and repeat the test cases for automating periodic tasks like regression testing of your application updates. In the case of the complete device OS changes, it allows you to repeat the tests exactly the same on any platform.

7. Avoid Human Errors

Automation will help you avoid human errors. It also reduces tedious manual tasks, so you have more time to spend on things that matter most.

Have you automated yet?

If you haven’t automated your LMS testing yet, we encourage you to do so. It is well worth the initial effort to deploy it. Over the long run, your testing will be more thorough, more trustworthy, and much less costly.

Via: http://blog.chasma.io/7-benefits-of-automated-lms-update-and-upgrade-testing
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