The Beginner’s Guide To Adaptive Learning: 5 Questions To Consider

The Beginner’s Guide to Adaptive Learning: 5 Questions to Consider

The Beginner’s Guide To Adaptive Learning: 5 Questions To Consider—Infographic

Here are 5 questions for adaptive learning to consider.

1. What Is Adaptive Learning?

Adaptive learning is a technique that uses technology and data to address each learner's trouble spots by automatically providing individual support, thereby making learning more effective.

2. How Does Adaptive Learning Benefit Learners?

Adaptive learning acts as a one-on-one instructor to learners. So you might have multiple learners taking the same course, but the content they see is based entirely on their current knowledge levels and experience.

3. How Is Adaptive Learning Different From Personalized Learning?

Personalized learning, just like adaptive learning, takes learners on a specific learning path. But the difference is that in the case of personalized learning, it is not dynamic.

4. Is An LMS Required For Adaptive Learning?

Any learning program that requires learner activities to be tracked needs to be hosted on an LMS. So is the case with adaptive learning.

5. Are There Different Levels In Adaptive Learning?

Yes, there are different levels in adaptive learning. They are:

  • The self-paced interactive level
    In this level, learners receive feedback on a summative assessment and if they've answered a required number of questions correctly, new content is unlocked.
  • The content level
    The learner receives an explanation for each wrong answer and can review sections of content related to that question.
  • The assessment level
    If learners answer an assessment question correctly, the next question is a tougher one. If they answer incorrectly, they are given easier questions before proceeding to more complex ones.
  • The assessment and content level
    The learner answers all the questions of a formative assessment and receives a tailored plan that contains relevant content and practice activities. After this, the learner completes the summative assessment and a new learning plan is generated.
  • The assessment and content level with high granularity
    At this level, every step the learner takes to answer a question is recorded. The difficulty level of each question is based on how the learner performed on the previous question.
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