Why Become a Teacher Infographic

Why Become a Teacher Infographic

Why Become a Teacher Infographic

New research shows teacher’s starting salaries beat the UK average by £3,500 32,543 new entrants planned to start a primary or secondary initial teacher-training programme in England in the 2014-2015 academic year. However, this number fills only 93% of the targeted places, compared to 95% last year. This could be down to the bad reputation teaching jobs have with some of the population, as the old (but wholly incorrect) adage goes “those who can’t do…teach”.

Quite contrary to the above statement, teaching is largely regarded as one of the most fulfilling and rewarding jobs a person can undertake, and as detailed below, choosing teaching as a career is a very smart choice, not just professionally, but financially.

The team over at Edustaff, a teacher recruitment agency, have conducted some research into the benefits a teaching career has over other professions. They have revealed that teaching salaries and benefits far exceed many other popular vocations.

The Why Become a Teacher Infographic provides a comparison of statistics on the average teacher working in the UK and explains why people choose the teaching profession.

Average starting salary

  • UK Average - £21,165
  • UK Teacher Average - £24,783

Average salary

  • UK Average - £26,500
  • UK Teacher Average - £29,580

Average annual leave

  • UK Average - 25 days
  • UK Teacher Average - 65 days

Average retirement age

  • UK Average - 63.8
  • UK Teacher Average - 61

Average employer contribution to pension

  • UK Average - 6.10%
  • UK Teacher Average - 14.10%
Via: http://www.edustaff.co.uk/why-a-teacher.aspx
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