4 Amazing Features Of Lectora Inspire For Rapid eLearning

4 Amazing Features Of Lectora Inspire For Rapid eLearning

4 Amazing Features Of Lectora Inspire For Rapid eLearning—Infographic

Organizations rely on rapid authoring tools to speed up the eLearning development process and cut down costs. Here are 4 reasons why Lectora Inspire is the right choice for rapid eLearning development.

1. HTML5 Is The Future Of eLearning

Lectora Inspire was one of the first tools that offered HTML5 support for rapid custom eLearning courses. It handles Flash-to-HTML5 conversions with ease by means of the Responsive Course Design (RCD) feature of the tool, which enables courseware designers to resize and orient the course elements to match the screen size or dimensions of various devices.

2. Learners Learn Better Through Real-World Scenarios

With Lectora Inspire, designers can make branching scenarios, taking fun a notch ahead in the context of learning. A branching scenario is almost like a choose-your-own-adventure strategy, where every decision a learner makes impacts where they end up and what their options are.

3. Knowledge Tests Can Be Fun With eLearning Assessments

When using Lectora Inspire for creating rapid custom eLearning, designers can make use of the 9 different assessment types that Lectora offers including MCQs, true/false, and drag-and-drop among others. These assessments can be tracked through an LMS. Apart from tracking, organizations can generate reports based on the assessments to calculate the effectiveness of the training program.

4. Training Programs To Be Provided In Various Languages

Learners need to be given the option of choosing their native language or any language they are comfortable with for the training. With Lectora's Translation Tool option, courseware designers can offer learners a multilingual interface in the course, enabling them to switch between languages at any point while accessing the course without having to restart the course.

There's no doubt that Lectora offers features that can easily fulfill modern learning needs.

Via: https://blog.commlabindia.com/elearning-development/lectora-inspire-rapid-elearning-infographic
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