10 AI Innovations That Are Transforming Customer Experience

10 AI Innovations That Are Transforming Customer Experience

10 AI Innovations That Are Transforming Customer Experience—Infographic

From enhanced text analytics to cheery chatbots, CX is changing dramatically for both brands and users.

1. Spot-On Recommendations

Music, video, and shopping recommendations that are eerily accurate.

2. Cheerful Chatbots

Perpetually happy bots in place of stressed-out customer service reps.

3. Voice-Enabled Auto-Pay

Pay the bills and stock the pantry with the help of your favorite smart speaker.

4. 24/7 Availability

Update orders, change shipping addresses and make appointments at any given time.

5. Streamlined Purchasing

Reduced friction and increased flexibility speed up the customer journey.

6. Actually Helpful Phone Bots

No more relying on one-word replies and inaccurate message routing.

7. Better Understand Your Customers

Text analytics attunes brands with what customers really want from them.

8. Visual Engagement Analysis

"Instantaneous" customer service through facial expressions and biometrics tracking.

9. Predictive Personalization

A tailored customer journey shows users that brands care about their unique needs.

10. Data-Backed Strategy

Accurate data and large-scale analysis create results that really matter.

Via: https://chattermill.com/resources/insights/ai-transforming-customer-experience/
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