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The Adoption of Personalized Learning Infographic

The Adoption of Personalized Learning Infographic

Personalized learning is the most effective style of teaching. That’s according to the majority of the educators who participated in a survey on the topic. The attributes that make it effective include higher student engagement, the ability for students to work at their own pace, and the opportunity to focus on students’ weaker subject areas.

Other learning styles, including adaptive learning, flipped classroom, and competency-based education, ranked significantly behind personalized learning in terms of effectiveness. The concept of makerspaces placed at the bottom, possibly because it deals with only one aspect of education.

In terms of drawbacks, participants felt that personalized learning requires additional professional development, extra classroom preparation, and can be generally resource-intensive. It places an extra responsibility on students that not all learners may be able to handle. To a lesser extent, it could reduce interactive aspects of education, such as classroom participation and group debating.

Reliable Wi-Fi is considered one of the most important factors for implementing personalized learning, ranking just below teacher professional development. Other important elements include: personalized learning curricula, providing appropriate student devices, and well-designed classrooms and learning spaces.

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