The Beginner’s Guide To Adaptive Learning: 5 Questions To Consider

The Beginner’s Guide To Adaptive Learning: 5 Questions To Consider Infographic

The concept of adaptive learning is not new. In fact, in classroom training conducted for a small group of people, based on their experience as well as their understanding of the learners’ knowledge levels, instructors practice adaptive learning. If a learner has been unable to understand a topic, the instructor tries to simplify the explanation or supplement the topic with more examples for better understanding. But this is impossible to practice in a classroom training environment when the number of learners are more.

The use of adaptive learning in eLearning is capable of transforming corporate training. And what makes it an attractive proposition is that adaptive learning in an online training environment can be rolled out to a large number of learners, and provide them personalized learning in real-time. Do you know what adaptive learning means and how different it is from personalized learning? Here’s an infographic that answers your questions on adaptive learning.

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