Top 8 Core Values And Key Accountabilities Of Project Managers Infographic

Top 8 Core Values And Key Accountabilities Of Project Managers Infographic

Top 8 Core Values And Key Accountabilities Of Project Managers Infographic

Here are only some of the main values someone identifies when interacting with a PM:

They Focus On Customer Needs

The single biggest factor for a project’s success is whether it delivers what the customer needs. The tricky part is that when customers state their requirements, it may express what they want rather than what they actually need. Highly successful Project Managers uncover the customer’s true needs

They Build A Great Team

The team is the project’s biggest asset, and highly successful managers know that. They nurture it and want to understand each person’s strengths and motivators. To encourage the team they don’t tell people what to do but coach them to find the right solutions and to make decisions on their own.

They Delegate

Highly successful Project Managers have learned that the way to add maximum value – and fully leverage the team – is to delegate anything that can potentially be done by someone else. In delegating, not only do they develop the team’s skill-set, they also free themselves up to focus on the important, such as customer relationships, communication, leading and motivating the team, de-risking the project and setting the vision.

They Challenge The Status Quo

It is no longer enough to turn up for work and deliver a project the way we used to. Highly successful Project Managers are mindful of how they can deliver change in better, cheaper and faster ways. They challenge the status quo, assess what new technologies can be employed, which extra benefits can be delivered and how processes can be improved.

They Have A Strategic Outlook

The most sustainable projects are those that add value, not just in the short term, but also in the long term. It is not enough to deliver a project on time, to cost and to the expected quality – although that’s a great start.

They Strengthen Buy-In To The Project

Highly successful Project Managers build great relationships of trust with the project’s stakeholders. In doing so, they focus their attention on those stakeholders who have the most power and influence over the project – and especially those who are not supportive of the initiative.

They Control Risks, Issues, And Changes To The Scope

A large part of successful delivery is keeping risks, issues, and changes under control. Highly successful Project Managers instill a risk-awareness culture in the team by consistently asking people what they worry about, what is impeding their work what could potentially go wrong.

They Deliver On Their Promises

It essential to successful delivery that managers are credible and that clients and stakeholders trust them. Highly successful Project Managers do what they say they will – also when it comes to chasing other people for the actions they take on.

Total employment for Project Managers will increase by 60% in India, 33% in China and more than 40% in the UAE.

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