A Breakdown Of Blended Learning

A Breakdown Of Blended Learning - Infographic

A breakdown of Blended Learning - What it is, models, stats and what the future holds.

What is blended learning?

Today's classroom blends traditional methods of instruction with digital instruction for a variety of learning possibilities.

Models of blended learning

There are a variety of effective blended learning models available for teachers to incorporate into their classrooms depending on the needs of their students.

  • Individual
  • Whole class
  • Lab Time
  • Station Rotation

Fast Stats

  • 73% of educators report an increase in student engagement
  • 59% of students are more motivated to learn in a blended learning classroom
  • 60% of teachers indicate student academic ability was better in classes that used blended learning models

The future of blended learning

Blended-learning classrooms are incorporating futuristic technologies to further engage tech-savvy students.

  • Artificial Intelligence
    AI offers students the ability to connect globally and receive personalized learning while empowering teachers with valuable, timely student data.
  • Virtual Reality
    VR allows students to experience environments, countries, and cultures in ways not previously possible-from interactive chemisty labs to undersea excursions or visits back in time.
  • Augmented Reality
    AR combines a user's real-time environment with overlaid, digital information creating engaging learning activities such as AR book reviews, language instruction, and spatial lessons.
Via: https://www.imaginelearning.com/blog/2019/04/colorful-blended-learning-infographic-your-classroom
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