7 Ways To Love Any Job

7 Ways To Love Any Job

7 Ways To Love Any Job Infographic

You spend one-third of your life working. You got to love your job to live a good life. Maybe you hate your job or have got bored of it. Here's how to love your job.

Here are the 7 ways to love any job:

1. Chase Mastery And Accomplishment
No matter what you do, always begin with mastery in mind. Every job involves a skill. Your aim is to get better at it no matter where you start.

2. Give Yourself Autonomy Or Constraints
If your job has a pre-determined set of directions or restrictions, you can give yourself the freedom to do things your own way.

3. Find Purpose And Meaning
You can find meaning in anything. You don’t have to be the big cog in the machine because every cog matters. Even when one tiny cog is missing, the machine won’t work.

4. Bring Predictability Or Unpredictability To Your Work
If you often feel chaotic or anxious while working, bringing structure or predictability will allow you to enter the flow state. But if your work has become monotonous, bringing variety or unpredictability can bring fun to your job.

5. Reward Yourself To Feel Empowered And In-Control
We all want fruitful rewards for the hard work we put it. Your employer may give you a raise or recognition, but you shouldn’t rely on them to feel rewarded.

6. Form Social Bondings And Find Relatedness
If you work a job that requires you to work in isolation, then you can significantly boost fulfilment from your work by finding other people doing similar things.

7. Use The Power Of Scarcity
When you put yourself on a deadline, suddenly, the impossible tasks become doable. You become laser-focused and you also love to experience such a boost in productivity.

Via: https://designepiclife.com/love-your-job/
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