7 Students You Are Bound To Meet At Uni Infographic

7 Students You Are Bound To Meet At Uni Infographic

7 Students You Are Bound To Meet At Uni Infographic

Although you’re often told it will be the best three years of your life, arriving at university can be a daunting experience. With an eclectic mix of characters grouped together in a flat, you can’t really predict who will be your nearest and dearest. But to give you a little peace of mind, we’ve created this visual guide to prepare you for the plethora of personalities you’re likely to stumble across. Here are 7 students you are bound to meet during the feared freshers’ week.

The Neat Freak

This person likes their personal space and leaves a slight scent of lemon zest wherever they go. Their room is the hygienic haven of the flat and the kitchen isn’t too far behind thanks to them.

  • Spot them: The person nervously eying the spilt beer at pre drinks
  • Good for: Keeping the kitchen consistently clean
  • Bad for: Leaving passive aggressive post-it notes

The Hermit

The hermit is the flat recluse who never leaves their room. You saw a glimpse of this person once upon a time during moving in day and now you’re wondering how they’re still eating. Maybe branch out to help the hermit get out of their shell.

  • Spot them: You won’t
  • Good for: Not taking up valuable kitchen space
  • Bad for: Socialising

The Drunkard Lad

The token drunkard lad came to uni exclusively for Fosters and fornication. With a fridge shelf armed with various vodka bottles, the drunkard lad is easy to find. Freshers’ week is every week in his eyes and thus studies are not a priority.

  • Spot them: At the students’ union, any night of the week, pint in hand
  • Good for: Never saying no to a night out or upping the numbers at the flat party
  • Bad for: Attending lectures

The Activist

The activist seems angry at everything, but more than happy to share their views with anyone willing to lend an ear. They’ll spend their Saturdays attending or even leading some kind of protest.

  • Spot them: That person always sharing petitions on Facebook
  • Good for: If you need any kind of political rant
  • Bad for: Starting heated debates

The Know-It-All

The know it all is that person who received 5 A*s during A level and therefore feels obligated to correct anyone who slips up, in a very public way.

  • Spot them: That person correcting grammar on Facebook and sharing how high they scored in quizzes
  • Good for: Being the go-to person when you have an academic enquiry.
  • Bad for: “How did you not know that?”

The Artsy One

Studying either art, design, music or theatre, the artsy one will come 2nd place to the gap year goer as the most cultured one in the flat. They will, however, win first prize when it comes to any fancy dress event, thanks to weeks of crafting.

  • Spot them: That person with vibrantly coloured hair and carrying a constant smell of solvent
  • Good for: Inspiring your next bedroom makeover
  • Bad for: Referencing artwork, literature, or theatre no one has heard of

The Inseparable Couple

This pair were together since high school and have consequently followed each other to uni, armed with His and Hers towels. Unaware of their nauseating behaviour, they finish each other’s sentences and treat everyone to many a PDA if they attend pre-drinks.

  • Spot them: By each other’s side, all the time
  • Good for: Playing mum and dad of the flat
  • Bad for: Using “we” at the start of every sentence.

Nobody’s perfect so it’s important you don’t discount the above individuals as potential friends. University is all about meeting interesting people and having new experiences, so try to enjoy it! Good luck!

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