7 Body Language Job Interview Mistakes Infographic

7 Body Language Job Interview Mistakes Infographic

7 Body Language Job Interview Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

No matter your experience, your qualifications or your good intentions, make a bad impression in a job interview and you can lose your chance in a moment. Employers today are not looking for the perfect person for the job: they’re looking for the perfect person for their team. Give the impression of being underprepared, insular or over-casual, and they may wonder who they're inviting into their daily lives. You need to prove not just that you know how to do the job, but that you can establish a working chemistry with your potential colleagues.

At its simplest, this can be a matter of making eye contact and smiling. These are basic but powerful human methods of communication. Eye contact says: you can trust me. It says: I am interest in what you have to say. A smile can warm the atmosphere, and actually inspire a mirror reflex in the recipient. Before you know it, everyone’s feeling good about each other, and you’ve put yourself in better standing than a candidate that left the panel cold.

At the next level, you need to think about the signals you’re giving with your body as a whole. Slouch, and you’ll appear lazy. Cross your arms, and you will seem defensive. Nod too much, and each gesture becomes meaningless – you’ll look lost and out of your depth. Be sure to sit up straight, remain calm, and keep your hands still. Over a quarter of all job applicants blow it by fidgeting too much.

The 7 Body Language Job Interview Mistakes Infographic takes a closer look at some of the statistics and solutions behind the way you present yourself at a job interview. The body language issue is broken down into seven key points that applicants can work on in advance with their friends – making it a practical resource for anyone who finds they keep falling at the final hurdle.

Via: https://www.onstride.co.uk/blog/7-body-language-interview-mistakes-avoid/
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