6 Ways EdTech Can Knock Your Principal's Socks Off Infographic

6 Ways EdTech Can Knock Your Principal's Socks Off Infographic

6 Ways EdTech Can Knock Your Principal's Socks Off Infographic

Investments in educational technology need to show results. As a classroom teacher, employing the right edtech tools can reduce your workload while increasing your instructional impact. The 6 Ways EdTech Can Knock Your Principal's Socks Off shows how the use of specific edtech tools can give your students insight and empowerment as well as impress your principal.

1. Student Engagement

Recognize achievements using fun badges in the same way games encourage players to continue. ExitTicket.org has the SuperStreak app that recognizes 'hot streaks' of correct answers. ClassBadges.com is a free way to design and distribute such rewards. And both tools not only motivate, they focus students on specific learning targets to unlock' their next achievement.

2. Intervention Hotlist

Maximize your presence in the room by knowing exactly who needs help and with what concepts they need support. Using real time results from ExitTicket, teachers can pull up a list with a single click on who might need to be pulled aside. This is how technology can enhance the teacher's role and not try to replace it.

3. Reteach with Real Time Data

Capture student engagement critical instructional adjustments just in time. It's more than simply going over the results, develop a method of analyzing misconceptions with ExitTicket's ReTeach feature then duplicate the assessment and lock the lesson by retaking the ticket.

4. Differentated Flipped Lesson

Edtech opens the door to new methods of teaching. Flip your class by sending Educreations.com or KhanAcademy.org videos home with your students. In class, use ExitTicket to lD unprepared students for structured remediation while the whole class can take advantage of extra time for engaging projects.

5. Mastery-Based Scorebook

The mastery-based scorebook, sorting grades not just by assignment and dates but by concepts and skills, does more than develop student ownership. Teachers can plan with a deeper, more nuanced perspective of their students' understanding. Meeting curricular goals is only growing in importance, equip yourself with an assessment system that conveniently tracks students' growth along state standards.

6. Student Ownership

Transparency and data can empower students. Provide students with a concept map, an organized list of their content standards broken into daily learning goals. Use ExitTicket to import and unpack Common Core Standards, allowing students to see their performance data in each category. It's their education, giving them sophisticated insight is transformative.

Via: http://exitticket.org/6-ways-edtech-can-knock-principals-socks/
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