6 Online Tools To Improve Learning Infographic

6 Online Tools To Improve Learning Infographic

6 Online Tools To Improve Learning Infographic


1. Skype

It supports instant messaging, audio call, video conference + screen sharing and lots more. Skype can be used by both students and teachers to communicate on a one-on-one basis for tutoring.

2. Quora

This online tool is not solely targeted towards education: it is great for social learning and it is used to actively engage students in an after-school discussion with one another. This teaches them to become open-minded and exchange prospectives.

3. Fun Brain

This tool has a collection of educational games, which makes learning way easier. This is an entertaining yet productive way of learning, it develops curious minds due to its captivating nature.

4. Google Docs

This tool permits teachers to prepare great lesson plans and design unforgettable student projects. It lets both students and teachers collaborate on projects and presentations, as well as send and receive feedback.

5. Kahn Academy

This is one tool that ensures an interesting, fun, and effective way of learning. The courses offered help teachers with skills acquisition and personal development. It can be accessed from any remote corner around the world.

6. YouTube

This ever-famous tool isn't just used to stream unrelated videos, as it is popularly known for. It also entertains specific educational channels purposely targetedĀ at teachers and students. teachers can upload tutorials so that students can have access wherever they are.


Via: https://safsms.com/blog/6-free-tools-to-improve-students-learning-that-school-teachers-should-take-advantage-of/
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