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How to Supercharge L&D Professionals Infographic

How to Supercharge L&D Professionals Infographic

Many people share their knowledge and learning freely in the sharing economy. We’ve gone from the sage on the stage to the guide on the side. Coaching and mentoring are now key workplace skills along with the ideas of self-service and on-demand learning. Such is the pace of business, one cannot afford, most of the time, to wait until something is formally scheduled for them to learn. Learning in the classroom insn’t dead though – it just needs to be supported by other flexible options. That means L&D needs to respond differently to learners’ needs; else they may end up doing what many modern learners are doing – bypassing L&D and organising their own learning. The How to Supercharge L&D Professionals Infographic presents 5 key strategies that Learning and Development professionals can use to really boost their L&D service provision.

Start with asking good questions, focus on the learning need, set goals, be agile and above all, seek support by building your personal learning network (PLN). Today’s L&D professional faces an uphill struggle to not only keep up, but to continually keep ahead. These 5 strategies are a step in the right direction. We recognise that today it is not easy to be a L&D professional. The technology choices alone that are available to support the modern learner, not to mention the on-going narrative of doing more with less, can often leave the L&D professional caught in the eye of the storm; sometimes damned if you do and dammed if you don’t.

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