5 Tips To Create eLearning That Sticks Infographic

The 5 Tips To Create eLearning That Sticks Infographic presents some tips to make your eLearning content stick.

In general, for an idea to stick, it has to make people:

  1. Pay attention (to something unexpected)
  2. Understand and remember it (because it’s concrete)
  3. Believe in it (because it’s a credible idea)
  4. Truly care about it (or make an emotional connection with it)
  5. Be able to act on it (by telling it as a story)

Instructional designers and eLearning developers can learn a lot from the from the mentioned tips.

Via: http://info.shiftelearning.com/blog/bid/316573/How-To-Create-eLearning-That-Sticks-A-Blueprint-for-Success
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