5 Tips to Keep Learningers Engaged Infographic

5 Tips to Keep Learningers Engaged Infographic

5 Tips to Keep Learningers Engaged Infographic

Many training organizations have found themselves caught between wanting the outstanding learning outcomes of instructor-led training and the convenience of virtual learning. Hybrid learning provides the best of both worlds. Utilizing the latest in teleconferencing technology, the hybrid learning environment combines instructor-led training in a traditional classroom with virtual learning. Instructors are able to deliver an equal learning experience to both classroom and remote learners. In order to create this equal learning environment, there are several best practices to ensure that virtual learners remain engaged and involved in the classroom. The 5 Tips to Keep Learningers Engaged Infographic discusses five of them.


Prior to the course, inform attendees that the class will be interactive and all attendees are expected to participate. Require cameras and microphones be on and working for remote participants. The hybrid learning platform provides visual and audio accountability for all-creating
an equal learning experience.


Many of the same content adaption considerations as traditional instructor-led training apply to the
hybrid environment; keep content short-organized into bite size chunks; use more visuals. transition often, and only tell them what they need to know.


Know your audience and their knowledge on the topic. Check learner knowledge throughout the course by asking questions and have other students provide feedback. Frequently break learners into small groups to recap what they've retained.


Take time to familiarize yourself with the learning tools and ways in which you can engage remote and in-class attendees. As part of an ice breaker, give learners a rundown of the tools and have them practice by engaging with each other.


The hybrid learning platform tools provide MORE chance for interaction with options for polls, whiteboarding and even screen sharing. Activity should enhance learning-no interaction just for the sake of interaction.

Via: https://www.mclabs.com/blog/hybrid-learning-best-practices-part-three-five-tips-keep-learners-tuning-out/
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