5 Strategies for Employee Onboarding Success Infographic

5 Strategies for Employee Onboarding Success Infographic

5 Strategies for Employee Onboarding Success Infographic

A successful onboarding program can be a significant contributor to your company’s success, driving benefits like new employee productivity, engagement, and retention. But building a program that drives this positive impact can be challenging. Read the 5 Strategies for Employee Onboarding Success Infographic to learn five strategies that will enable you to create an effective onboarding program.

How can you make your onboarding program effective? Leverage these five strategies to create a successful onboarding program:

  1. Extend the learning time frame: Extend your onboarding program over a time frame of at least six months to encourage learning retention.
  2. Learn through others: Incorporate a personalized 1:1 approach to your program. Consider providing new hires with a resource network which will connect them to the organization, thus improving integration and retention.
  3. Guide learning: For informal learning, structure is the key to success. Build a guided workflow for your program to ensure continuous and productive learning. As an added bonus, you can replicate this for future new hires.
  4. Measure impact: Establishing metrics at the beginning of the program allows you to accurately understand the impact. Focus metrics into two buckets: the program level, or metrics on achieving business objectives, and employee level, or metrics on the impact the program has had on the employee.
  5. Standardize and scale: Creating a standardized process will allow for repeatability throughout the organization, and ensure consistent new employee training procedures which translate into substantial benefits for your organization.

Want more insights and ideas into these five strategies? Read the full guide. Following this guide, you will build your employee onboarding program out to extend past the initial orientation to a longer-term, guided onboarding experience that includes informal learning through others. Hopefully you will also plan out the key measurements to demonstrate your program’s success. By carefully building in these steps, it will be fairly easy to scale your strategic onboarding program across your organization to achieve a uniform, effective new hire experience.

A new employee onboarding program will keep new employees engaged and learning, making their relationship with your organization a positive one. Engaged employees serve as your best corporate evangelists as well as tomorrow’s leadership team, ensuring your upfront investment in new employee onboarding provides an excellent return in terms of productivity, retention, and company growth.

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Via: http://chronus.com/how-to-make-your-employee-onboarding-program-strategic-and-effective
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