A 5-Step Strategy To Align Training With Business Goals

A 5-Step Strategy To Align Training With Business Goals

A 5-Step Strategy To Align Training With Business Goals—Infographic

Organizations are aware that it's beneficial to align learning with business goals, but only a few are able to achieve it. Here's a 5-step strategy to help you align training with business goals successfully.

1. Plan In Accordance With The Future

Decide on the organization's long-term goals of business and analyze what can be supported by training. For example, your business goals could be:

  • Reducing expenses
  • Enhancing revenue
  • Improving compliance

2. Identify The Gaps

Carry out an in-depth Training Need Analysis (TNA) to find out whether employees have the necessary skills, knowledge, and abilities to execute their job responsibilities successfully. The analysis should primarily focus on organizational goals as well as the training needs of employees.

3. Decide On The Appropriate Training Modality

When you need training to be aligned to business goals, choose the right training methodology or modality—classroom, eLearning, virtual classroom training, blended learning, etc. For example, if it's an awareness training, it can be covered in online training. But if the training requires instructor guidance, consider classroom or blended learning.

4. Communicate The Training Process

Communicate the purpose of the training to the top management and stakeholders. Involving the C-Suite in training programs leads to a more robust learning culture that helps achieve the desired business goals.

5. Ensure Scope For Continual Learning

Employee learning is a continuous process, much like the growth of your organization. Before you roll out training, build employee interest in the course through videos, pre-assessments, posters, etc. After training completion, leverage microlearning for reinforcement.

Via: https://blog.commlabindia.com/elearning-design/align-training-business-goals-infographic
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