5 Reasons Organizations Will Demand a Cloud-Based LMS in 2016 Infographic

5 Reasons Organizations Will Demand a Cloud-Based LMS in 2016 Infographic

Why organizations will demand a cloud-based LMS in 2016

With the global SaaS market projected to grow from $49B in 2015 to $67B in 2018, we look at some of the reasons why organizations would pursue a SaaS cloud-based LMS as opposed to an on-premise LMS. Here are 5 that we came across that we believe will be game changers.

1. The cost factor

Limited upfront costs.

  • No expensive hardware or software to purchase and therefore lower startup costs.
  • No need to install hardware and therefore no installation charges.

2. No need for in-house IT Staff

Companies can reduce their IT staff because with a cloud-based LMS there is:

  • NO installation
  • NO maintenance
  • NO management
  • NO security threats to be handled by the organization

3. More storage space and no backup required

  • Think of the countless space you save on your own systems/devices when you don’t have to back up all your training data.
  • In 2013 it was reported that 7% of data was stored in the cloud and this number was estimated to rise to 36% by 2016.

4. Better data security

  • A high level of security is guaranteed with cloud-based LMSs – which are as secure and in many instances more secure than on-premise LMSs.
  • Smaller and mid-sized companies can now afford a level of security that they otherwise might not be able to afford.
  • Cloud-based LMSs offer a secured and encrypted channel and serve well to share sensitive information within the LMS.

5. Accessibility

Learners have easy access to their training programs with easy to access learning:

  • From Anywhere
  • At any time
  • On any device (Not all cloud-based LMSs allow this)
Via: http://24x7learning.com/blog/5-reasons-organizations-will-demand-a-cloud-based-lms-in-2016/
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