5 Reasons to Embrace eLearning Infographic

5 Reasons to Embrace eLearning Infographic

5 Reasons to Embrace eLearning Infographic

Today’s organizations experience insufficient training and a lack of knowledge sharing that prevents teams from achieving their greatest potential. The 5 Reasons to Embrace eLearning Infographic explains why eLearning is the most effective method of training employees.

Why should organizations embrace eLearning?

1. Traditional training methods don’t cut it anymore.

Training is often turned to as a solution for many organizational issues, but is usually done in a one-off fashion, either in a classroom setting or boring video. There is no follow up to make sure training was effective.

  • Up to 85% of training fails to deliver a positive ROI.
  • Unless there is a robust reinforcement program in place, most learners will likely forget 80% material within 90-120 days after the training is delivered.

2. eLearning gets results.

  • eLearning puts knowledge at employees’ fingertips whenever they need it, shrinking the skills and knowledge gap throughout the entire organization.
  • eLearning increases retention rates up to 60%.
  • Compared to classroom training, eLearning students have a 60% faster learning curve.
  • eLearning can cover 5X the material of classroom training in the same amount of time spent.
  • Companies using eLearning to introduce and reinforce behavior see 26% higher revenue-per-employee.
  • Students learning through gamification scored 15% higher in skill-based knowledge and 9% higher in knowledge retention than those learning through traditional methods.

3. eLearning saves resources.

Where traditional training methods tend to be expensive, incurring costs of printing, travel and taking employees out of their job for extended periods of time, eLearning is far more cost-effective.

  • eLearning saves businesses at least 50% when they replace traditional classroom-training with eLearning.
  • eLearning decreases instruction time by up to 60%.
  • eLearning consumes 90% less energy than traditional courses.
  • Every $1 spent in eLearning results in $30 of productivity.

4. eLearning is not the future… it’s now.

Many organizations have already realized the many benefits eLearning can offer.

  • Over 40% of the Fortune 500 now use some form of educational technology.
  • 93% of CEOs plan to increase or maintain their training budget.
  • 47% of organizations use mobile devices for learning.
  • By 2015, 80% of learners will be mobile.
  • Among the highly advanced companies, as much as 18% of all training is now delivered through mobile devices.

5. eLearning helps organizations grow.

Companies with a strong learning culture are 46% more likely to be the leader in their industry:

  • 37% greater employee productivity
  • 34% better response to customer needs
  • 25% greater ability to deliver "quality products"
  • 53% more prepared to meet future demand
  • eLearning provides an 18% increase in employee engagement
  • 72% of organizations using eLearning believe it's providing them with the competitive advantage by continuing to keep them on top of changes in their particular market.
Via: http://www.expandinteractive.com/blog/why-elearning-infographic
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